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Grilled Tater Tot Bombs

The guys from GrillinFools.com have done it again with this amazing appetizer recipe. It would be a home run at your next Super Bowl party. Did I mix my metaphors again? The Grillin’ Fools use our products all the time and are big fans just as we are of what they do with them on […]

Potato Bombs

Potatoes on the grill are great, but what if you add your toppings into the potato before you cook it?  The guys over at BBQ Pit Boys came up with a great idea.  Stuff the potato and then grill it. This is another recipe that you can be creative with.  You can add whatever you […]

Salmon Filets

This is my first article on seafood.  This is a simple how to do salmon filets.  In this article, I picked up a couple marinated filets from a local grocery store.  You can pick these up already marinated or can pickup any store marinade and the same thing. Fish is probably one of the easiest […]

Jakey in June Competition

I had an opportunity to join up with a competition team and partner up for a another competition..  Big O Dang O is a one man team run by Aaron Moore.  He invited me to come out to Jakey in June in St Jacob, Illinois.  Jakey in June is a non sanctioned event, but is […]

Product Review: The Meat Rake

Anyone that has done pork shoulder know what a pain it is to pull afterwards.  You can try forks, or gloves, or some product you find on the internet.  Being sick of the forks and gloves, I tried a new product I had found, The Meat Rake. I had been reading reviews and watching videos […]

Beef Brisket

  Brisket is quite easily the most opinionated smoked meat out there.  The jury is still out on whether to inject, wrap, marinade or none of the above.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject, but the one that never waivers it that it must be smoked just right. The brisket is from […]

Grilled Burrito

This recipe started out as a how to for making fajitas, but I decided it needed one extra step, grilling the burrito.  I headed back out to Edwardsville Quality meats and picked up a couple pounds of skirt steak.  This is typically what you would find being used in Mexican restaurants. You can grill these […]

Lamb Ribs

LAMB RIBS 2 WAYS 1      – Smoked Lamb Ribs with Guinness Glaze 2      – Smoked Lamb Ribs With Dijon, Balsamic Glaze **Editors Note:  This is the first article featuring a guest writer.  I hope to do many of these in the future as this will allow the readers to get different tips/techniques and points of […]

Perfectly Seasoned Pork Loin

Do you want something easy to do?  If so, stop by Edwardsville Quality Meats and tell them you want their seasoned pork loins.  I will be writing up a review of their store but I had to get this one posted to the website. I wanted to do something new for the website and when I […]

Sausage Fatty

Of all the recipes I have tried, this is your chance to be the most creative. The options for this really are endless. The sausage fatty has been around for quite sometime, and I have done these before but wanted to bring you the process. A sausage fatty is just ground sausage that can either […]

Beer Can Chicken

Beer can chicken is probably the easiest of recipes, but turns out great flavors every time.  The key to beer can chicken is to make sure that you are able to crisp up the skin. I picked up two whole fryers at the Troy 4-0.  I don’t pay attention to chicken prices, but I bought […]

Stuffed Chicken with Bacon and Goat Cheese

We know the old adage, that everything is better with bacon.  In this case, it is does make it better, but you can’t help but love the cheese and peppers. I promised Mrs. CBQue that she would get a mention for putting these together.  She put the recipe together and took the pictures, I just […]

Stuffed Pork Chops

In order to do stuffed pork chops you need to start with a thick cut pork chop and butterfly it before adding the stuffing.  The good news for me is that the Troy Meat Processing that I bought these from already had cut them butterfly and these were monster chops. If the pork chop is […]

Grilled Pizza

Most of the articles I write are something that I have tried before, but every now and then I like to try something new.  I had never tried grilled pizza before but decided to jump in and give it a shot.  This time was a trial and error method to see what I could make […]

Moink Balls – The Easy Appetizer

Moink Balls are without a doubt the easier appetizer to ever make.  The ingredients, preperation and preparing take mere minutes, but they taste absolutely delicious. Moink Balls are aptly named (moo + oink) because the ingredients are meatballs, bacon, and then whatever else you want to add.  In this case, I decided to add some rib rub, along with a […]

Smoking Ribs 101

The guys at work have been wanting me to bring in some BBQ, and since I didn’t have a ribs post, I figured this was the perfect time to get everyone a post on the basics of doing ribs. Ribs are the most fun to do because there are hundreds of flavors that you can […]

Homemade Jalapeno Poppers

The trick to jalapeno poppers is making them so the cheese doesn’t run out.  My wife (who will be now knows as Mrs. CBQue) found this cool popper tray at Lake of the Ozarks.  The best part is that these came with poppers already made.   Since I already decided to eat those, I had to make […]

Filet Mignon – Pepper Encrusted

I had a gift card to Kelly’s Butcher Shop in Troy IL.  I have always gotten good steaks from there, and with it being almost 40 degrees today, I decided it was a good idea to get the grill out. I have tried these at other steakhouses, and wanted to see if I could recreate […]

Pulled Pork – Starting with Something Simple

Pork shoulder, I feel, is the simplest of things to make on the smoker.  If you can keep a consistent temperature there really isn’t much to do until it is done. In order for a pork shoulder to be turned into pulled pork, it has to reach an internal temperature of an 190 degrees.  You […]