This BBQ recipe is brought to you by one of the members of Code 3 Nation @StevenSmoked from IG.

Brisket burnt ends…candy for the barbecue enthusiast, right?

How could one even begin to make this delicacy better? I say, make that candied brisket, wrap it in bacon and coat it with more barbecue sauce!

The end result was an absolutely amazing dish! We will definitely be making this one again and offering to the public.

To start with, the brisket received a coat of Duck Fat Spray as the binder.

Then I applied Code 3 Spices 5-0 Rub, salt and pepper generously.

B&B Charcoal brought the heat in the smoker, until internal temp reached 150 degrees.

Wrapped and cooked until 170 degrees, then brisket was cubed and bathed in Patriot Sauce with the brisket drippings mixed together.

More B&B Charcoal was added to bring the temperature up to 275. Burnt ends were cooked for an additional 45 minutes, then wrapped in bacon and dipped again for a final cook!