The summer brings heat, humidity and the perfect weather for fantastic seafood and ice cold beer. So cruise down to your fish monger and pick up some honkin’ big shrimp and your favorite brew. Put the latter on ice and get to work shelling, deveining and butterflying those delicacies of the sea.


10 shrimp, 6-8U (get the huge ones!)
2 tbsp Code 3 Spices 5-0 rub
8 oz salted butter
1 tsp garlic, minced (not pictured)
Juice of 1 orange
Juice of 4 limes
1/4 tsp of lime zest
Black and white pepper to taste (I did 5 turns of each pepper mill)

Butter Lime Shrimp - 040
The Ingredients

Start by butterflying the shrimps and removing the vein and then skewer them.

Here’s a trick: Place the fat end of the shrimp on one side for the first one and then put the skinny end of the next one on that side so, fat end on that side for the next and so on so the shrimp grill evenly:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 046

Hit both sides of the shrimp with the 5-0 rub:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 057
Hit it with the 5-0
Butter Lime Shrimp - 062

Now go prepare the grill for hight heat/two zone grilling in that one side of the grill needs to be super hot and there needs to be cool side as well.

While the grill heats up, place the butter and garlic in a sauce pan and then prep the fruit for juicing. To do so, roll each piece of fruit on the counter to under your palm, smashing it down as much as you can. This breaks open the fibers inside and allows more juice to be extracted when juiced:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 091
Roll the fruit

Juice the fruit into the butter, add the pepper and urn on the burner onto medium to bring to a simmer:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 098

Add the lime zest and set to low once it comes to a bowl to keep it warm:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 102

Now back to the grill. Place the shrimp directly over the high heat:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 111
On the grill

Leave the skewers there until the shrimp is browned enough to be released from the hot metal of the grill grate. If you try to turn the skewers and the shrimp meat grips the grill at all, leave it until it finishes browning and flips easily (approximately 8 minutes). Flip the shrimp to brown the other side and brush with the lime butter sauce:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 113

Once the other side is browned, brush the top again before flipping and then put on the side with no heat:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 140
Almost done!

Slather more butter lime sauce on the other side and close the lid for three minutes, brush again with the butter and plate with an ice cold beer:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 161

Don’t forget the extra butter lime sauce. It’s perfect for dunking:

Butter Lime Shrimp - 168
Dunk it in the butter sauce

If you want extra lime taste, squeeze a quarter lime over each skewer.