Code 3 Steak

Not many ingredients are need for this Code 3 Steak recipe making it simple and delicious. Ingredients: —2 teaspoons of Code 3 Rub (Grunt Rub garlic blend and Top Gun)(May substitute Rescue or Backdraft with Grunt Rub) —2 Tablespoons of Amish, Irish or European butter. —Duck Fat Spray   Directions: 1. One hour before cooking, …

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Beef Brisket

  Brisket is quite easily the most opinionated smoked meat out there.  The jury is still out on whether to inject, wrap, marinade or none of the above.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject, but the one that never waivers it that it must be smoked just right. The brisket is from …

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Grilled Burrito

This recipe started out as a how to for making fajitas, but I decided it needed one extra step, grilling the burrito.  I headed back out to Edwardsville Quality meats and picked up a couple pounds of skirt steak.  This is typically what you would find being used in Mexican restaurants. You can grill these …

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