Code 3 Steak Recipe

Not many ingredients are need for this Code 3 Steak recipe making it simple and delicious.


—2 teaspoons of Code 3 Rub (Grunt Rub garlic blend and Top Gun)(May substitute Rescue or Backdraft with Grunt Rub)

—2 Tablespoons of Amish, Irish or European butter.
Duck Fat Spray



1. One hour before cooking, remove steak from fridge, trim and jacquard, and season liberally on both sides. Once completed, wrap in saran wrap for approx 1 hour.

2. Start your charcoal chimney (lump or briquettes both work).  Go ahead and add a 3/4 chimney of unlit briquettes or lump to your fire pit. Once fully lit and flames are coming out of the top of the chimney, add it to the unlit charcoal in your pit.

3. Add woodsmoke. Any sweetwood works. I prefer one chunk of cherry and one chunk of pecan. Peach works fantastically as well.

4. Open up all of your vents on your pit/grill. This creates maximum air flow which allows your pit to reach max temperature. Your target temp for inside your grill or pit should be 500-625 degrees. If you go hotter than that try to adjust your vents to bring it down to your desired mark.

5. Make sure your grates are nice and clean. (For maximum potential, we suggest GrillGrates as it eliminates flare ups and has deep ridge valleys on the grates itself. This will allow you to get those pretty little grill marks as shown in the picture. Close lid.

6.When you reach your desired temp, spray Duck Fat on your grates to add flavor and keep your steak from sticking. Place your steak on your grill and close the lid for 90 seconds. Give it a 1/4 turn and rotate and close lid for another 90 seconds. Repeat this once you flip your steak. Remember to leave the lid closed after every 90 second stay.

7. Once you have completed your final 90 seconds, temp steak. If you have reached your desired internal temp (MINUS 5 DEGREES), take steak off the grill and add butter, vent in foil for ten minutes.



Once rested, dig in.

We hope you enjoy this Code 3 Steak Recipe.