Not on a grill, but check out this EASY recipe our family LOVES. 🔥🐓💯

Easy Chicken Quesadilla 🐓🧀
(Only 5️⃣ ingredients!)
– 2 Chicken breasts
– 1 can of Rotel
– Flour tortillas
– Shredded cheese of choice (we prefer cheddar)
– Seasoning of choice (Backdraft)

Place Rotel, chicken & seasoning into pan & simmer uncovered on medium heat.
Shred chicken with forks as it cooks.
Cool thoroughly & shred to your preferred consistency while it continues to simmer.

Once mixture is fully cooked & shredded, place tortilla in a separate, lightly oiled pan.
Layer shredded cheese, Chicken mixture then more cheese onto tortilla.
Place 2nd tortilla on top and press with spatula.
Cool til bottom is golden & crispy.
Flip carefully.
Cook other side the same.

Remove from pan & cut with pizza cutter.

Shoutout to @smokyoakbbq on IG for this recipe.