The guys from have done it again with this amazing appetizer recipe. It would be a home run at your next Super Bowl party. Did I mix my metaphors again? The Grillin’ Fools use our products all the time and are big fans just as we are of what they do with them on the grill. Check them out for the original post for the Grilled Tater Tot Bombs recipe (as this is an abbreviated post) or for any grilling recipe. They have a TON of content over there. I’ll hand it over to Scott Thomas, the Original Grillin’ Fool to show you how to make these amazing appetizers. 

Tater tot bombs are all the rage on Pinterest, so I decided to take it one better and make grilled tater tot bombs. What is that exactly? Well, they’re tater tots, obviously, with some bacon and brown sugar as well as added kick of some BBQ rub. So in a word, A.MAZ.ING!

And yes, guys can go to Pinterest. Lots of grilling stuff on there and I get a TON of inspiration from Pinterest.

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs Ingredients:

24 tater tots
your favorite BBQ rub (we used some Code 3 Spices 5-0 rub)
8 slices of bacon, cut into thirds
brown sugar

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Only four ingredients for this rippin’ good recipe

The star of this show is the one and only – BACON!

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
bacon, Bacon, BACON!

This is a sponsored post by Farmland and their Bacon Club, and as many of you know, I won’t do a sponsored post unless I absolutely believe in the product. When Farmland Bacon contacted me, I didn’t have to research the product or do some sampling. I mean it’s bacon! They had me when I saw who the sender was in my email even before I opened it. It’s Bacon!

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So let’s make some grilled tater tot bombs. First, hit the tots with some Code 3 Spices:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Rub them tots!

Then grab a slice of bacon and lay it flat on a cutting board and place one of the tater tots at the end of the slice:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs - 05
Tater tot, meet bacon. Bacon, meet tater tot.

Roll the tater up in the bacon until there is some overlap and then slice:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
In the immortal words of Chevy Chase in Vacation, “Roll ’em up!”

You should be able to get three tater tots per slice of bacon, four if you stretch it.

Next roll the bacon wrapped tater tot in some brown sugar:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Who wouldn’t want to roll around in brown sugar?

I went ahead and double skewered my soon to be grilled tater tot bombs. They can rotate and flip back over when trying to turn them on a single toothpick. I had some long toothpicks so I was able to do two tots on the same two toothpicks but also did a couple singles. Here’s what one looks like ready for the grill:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Let’s get them on the grill!

Speaking of the grill, I have my mighty fine, Cardinal red, Grill Dome Kamado Grill lit and riding about 325 with a plate setter between the fire and the grill grates:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
There is not a prettier grill out there, or one that functions as good as this does!

Place the tater tot bombs on the grill, over the plate setter, and close the lid:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
On the Grill Dome

If you do not have a kamado grill, put the coals on one side and the tater tot bombs on the other to get the same effect.

So a few of the tots lost their ends like this one:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs

I’m guessing that wouldn’t have happened had I just made up a batch and put them on the grill. It’s not that simple for a grill blogger like myself. My process goes like this. I set out all the ingredients, stage a couple different set ups and take a bunch of pictures, then take bacon shots, then the making of the bombs (you get the idea), on my way to just short of 400 pictures. That’s right. I have to take 400 pictures to get 15 that are worth anything. I’m not a great photographer. I’ve improved a lot, but I have a long way to go. I live by the rule of quantity makes quality. In other words, I need 400 blind squirrels to find 15 nuts.

Because it took so long to take all the pictures, the tater tots were completely thawed and thus some fell apart somewhat. They should hold up much better for someone not taking 400 pictures while grilling.

Here are the tot bombs about 15 minutes in and ready to flip over:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Ready to flip

Here they are at the 30 minute mark, after flipping at 15 minutes, and these bad boys are done. Timing might be a little different on your grill. Just look for the bacon to brown and crisp up a bit, but don’t expect the bacon to be super crisp. That’s not how these work:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
That would look pretty good at your next barbecue, right?

Here’s a close up of a couple right before I mowed them down:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
That looks good enough to eat. #DontMindIfIDo

I highly recommend letting these cool for a couple minutes or risk an emergency room visit for burns to your mouth. OK, it’s not that bad, but these puppies are scorching on the inside when they come off the grill.

And here is the aftermath myself and my best friend, Chad, had after we taste tested the grilled tater tot bombs to make sure they were worthy of this website:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
They Are Worthy!

Just a warning. These things are so good, you might be tempted to eat the toothpicks. Don’t do that.

Check this link for more grilled appetizer recipes from the Grillin’ Fools.

Here’s a collage of the entire process. Please pin it on Pinterest:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs