The below article in its entirety was provided to us by request.  We thank Humanizing the Badge for this write-up.

Lt. Stephen Williams – known as just “LT” to those of us at Humanizing the Badge, leaves a void in his absence that will long go unfilled.  Stephen was among the first to be included as a member of the Humanizing the Badge team when the co-founders Tristi (Ogden) Weston and Mike (Mike the Cop) Edwards began to grow the organization.  Stephen had a way of writing about what he called his “Patrol Stories with LT” that would engage the readers, bring them into the story, and allow them to feel the emotion of the story, whether it was funny or serious.

Stephen invested many hours helping Humanizing the Badge to grow its audience and expand the reach of its message that it is possible to bridge the gap that so often exists between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.  Even when he was going through times of personal and professional transition, it seems he never missed a beat in his commitment to the cause of Humanizing the Badge.  He also found time to travel with the organization to participate in activities in Washington, DC for Police Week as well as to participate in our community engagement activities across the country known as Project Human.

When Humanizing the Badge began offering peer support for its followers, Stephen was among the first to volunteer.  He took the required training, and was a leader among his peers, setting the example of both competent and compassionate help for officers and their family members who were struggling under the weight of the stresses they were dealing with.  Stephen was the “go-to guy” for other people on our peer support team as well.  His kindness, patience, and gentle nudges in the right direction brought many people back from the proverbial edge.

For our people at Humanizing the Badge, most of all Stephen was simply a great friend.  His attitude was infectious; his smile was contagious; his heart was pure; his mind was sharp.  He represented the best of what it means to humanize the badge, and we are proud to say that he was one of ours.

David R. Edwards

President and COO, Humanizing the Badge, Inc.