Moink Balls are without a doubt the easier appetizer to ever make.  The ingredients, preperation and preparing take mere minutes, but they taste absolutely delicious.

Moink Balls are aptly named (moo + oink) because the ingredients are meatballs, bacon, and then whatever else you want to add.  In this case, I decided to add some rib rub, along with a choice of three sauces (BBQ sauce, Red Currant Jelly, and a Pepper Relish)  I chose to server these on the side to let everyone decide their favorite flavor.  Turns out, sauces were not necessary, as meatballs wrapped in bacon are fantastic.

I think with a lot of the recipes that you make, it is best to use good ingredients.  I am using bacon that was purchased at a butcher, so it is a nice thick cut.  I am not going to bore you with difficult ideas, because this recipe just doesn’t have them.

When you buy the meatballs, make sure you put them in the fridge 24 hours before you are going to smoke them, giving them time to defrost.  Cut the slices of bacon in half.  Wrap each meatball in a 1/2 slice of bacon and use a toothpick to hold together.    Give them a nice dusting of rib rub and get the smoker started.










Once these are on the smoker, you can add whatever smoke you want, but you are only cooking these until the bacon is completed.  If you like, you can brush these with sauce during the last 15 minutes.  Always remember that any sauce you use, contains sugar and will burn if you leave it too long.

This is what the finished look like:










Remember, drinking adult beverages during this whole time is highly encouraged.  If I missed anything or you have any questions, you can always find me at or on twitter @cbque