Do you want something easy to do?  If so, stop by Edwardsville Quality Meats and tell them you want their seasoned pork loins.  I will be writing up a review of their store but I had to get this one posted to the website.

I wanted to do something new for the website and when I walked into Quality Meats, the man behind the counter suggested a pork loin with their house seasoning.  He pulled out two pork loins and the special seasoning he had behind the counter.  He rolled them both in the seasoning and wrapped them up.   I would suggest letting these sit in the seasoning at least over night, but I let them go for 3 days.








I took these out of the fridge about 30 minutes before they went on.  I fired up the grill and got it nice and hot.  The idea here is to put these on a very hot surface to sear in the juices.

I let each side go for 2 minutes to get a great sear on each side.  I then moved them just off of the fire to bake.








It used to be a rule with pork to let it cook until it reached at least 160 degrees, but this idea has been changed and pork only has to reach 145 degrees.  Because pork loin has very little fat, if you over cook it, it will dry out and not taste good at all.

This is a quick simple meal to make.  Added a little corn and mashed potatoes and dinner is served!

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