Potatoes on the grill are great, but what if you add your toppings into the potato before you cook it?  The guys over at BBQ Pit Boys came up with a great idea.  Stuff the potato and then grill it.

This is another recipe that you can be creative with.  You can add whatever you like and the flavor will be cooked in when completed.

For this article, I just did a simple stuffing of bacon bits, cheese and butter.  I would drop the ingredients into the potato and then use the core to push it down into the potato.







Take an apple corer and cut the center of the potato out.  Make sure that you pull out the core in tact.  You can then use the core as the stuffer.








Wrap the potato in bacon and then add your favorite spices.  I did a few of them with my rib rub, and then a couple with sea salt and fresh black pepper.  Once you have them completed, wrap them in foil and put them on the grill.  Potatoes take about an hour to do on the grill.  Make sure you roll them over after 30 minutes.








I added some brats while I was waiting for the potatos.  Once they are done, cut them open and enjoy.  Because you put all the ingredients on the inside, there is not preperation necessary.








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