Anyone that has done pork shoulder know what a pain it is to pull afterwards.  You can try forks, or gloves, or some product you find on the internet.  Being sick of the forks and gloves, I tried a new product I had found, The Meat Rake.

I had been reading reviews and watching videos about the Meat Rake and it seemed like the best item out there to get the pulling done.  I ordered some from Amazon and have never looked back.  I can’t believe I ever lived without these.

The Meat Rakes are shipped in pairs and come with a plastic cover over each set of steel tines.  These are great for storing in the cabinet without worry about scratching anything.


The Meat Rake has a Polypropylene grip that fits comfortably in your hands.   They do not put any stress on your hands at any time.   They also have an 8 inch handle which keeps you away from the hot meat.

With the steel tines, the Meat Rake will tear through anything in just seconds.








Conclusion:  The Meat Rake is not only for pork shoulder.  It can be used for chicken, beef or any other meat.  I rank this up near the top as on of the best tools to help with the BBQ experiencce.  It is a very steady tool and seems like it will last a long time.  As soon as you finish reading this, head over to and purchase a pair!