This is my first article on seafood.  This is a simple how to do salmon filets.  In this article, I picked up a couple marinated filets from a local grocery store.  You can pick these up already marinated or can pickup any store marinade and the same thing.

Fish is probably one of the easiest things to grill.  I start with skin side down and wait to turn until the fish has released from the grill before turning.  This allows the fish to cook through a good amount before turning

The first step is to oil down your grates.  This is done by dipping paper towel in oil and then wiping along the grates.  It will keep the fish from sticking and will allow some great grill marks.

After laying the fish on the grate, you will want to go about 4 minutes on each side over a medium-high heat.  After 4 minutes, check it with a spatula and see if it sticks.  When the fish is done on that side, it will release itself from the grate.  The biggest key to remember is that the fish will let you know when it is ready to be turned.

Add some bi-color sweet corn and you have a nice easy meal.

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