Of all the recipes I have tried, this is your chance to be the most creative. The options for this really are endless.
The sausage fatty has been around for quite sometime, and I have done these before but wanted to bring you the process.

A sausage fatty is just ground sausage that can either be stuffed or plain. For this purpose, I did both a sweet and a spicy roll.

The first one I did was a breakfast roll. I combined maple sausage, green peppers, onions, and scrambled eggs.  Make sure that any ingredients you are using are prepared before.  I sauteed the onions and peppers, and scrambled up some eggs.  Let those cool before adding by putting them into the fridge.  If you don’t let these cool, the sausage will never roll, and you will hate that you ever read this article…I promise you.








To create the base, roll out some wax paper and spray it in some nonstick spray.  Take the sasauge and flatten it out to fit about 80 percent of the tray.  For this one, I decided I would use a pound of maple sausage and added a 1/2 pound of regular sausage.  I figured that bigger would be better, especially for a fatty.

I added the COOLED green peppers, onions, mozarella cheese and scrambled eggs.  I also threw in a little fresh ground peppercorns and light sea salt.








Now comes the trick.  If you have done this fast enough, the sausage has not gotten warm and this should roll pretty good.  When the sausage warms, it becomes mush to work with.  Because I am not that skilled, after I added the toppings, I put the entire tray back in the fridge and let it cool again.  This will make it much easier to work with.  Since you have to wait, you might as well do two rolls at a time.

Once it has cooled again, roll the sausage into a log and add any seasoning you want to the top.  I sprinked a little rib rub on the top and wrapped it tight in plastic wrap.  Throw it back in the fridge and let it set till morning.

In the morning, take these out to the smoker.  I used an indirect heat about 275 degrees.  Smoking time will be about 2 hours.  Once these reach 165 degrees, they are done.  These is enough fat in these, that you have no worries about them drying out.  Once finished, let them rest about 15 minutes before slicing into them.



Here are some pictures of the final product.  These may be simple but they are tasty.








I am not really going to go into details of the pizza roll, but the ingredients included pizza sauce, pepperoni, green peppers, onions and mozarella.  If you want to see the whole process in pictures, feel free to send me a message, or leave a comment below.  I will end this with some  pictures of the final pizza fatty.








I thought the breakfast one was delicious.  The sweet maple mixed with the other ingredients gave it a great taste.  The pizza roll was good, but it seemed like it was missing something.  The next I do one of those, I will add fresh italian seasonings to give it a great pizza flavor.

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