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Camo Trucker Mesh Hat


By customer request we’ve designed a camo hat.

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This hat was designed with the love of BBQ and the outdoors. Imagine you’ve been in the woods stalking or patiently waiting for game. You snag some fresh meat and know your family and friends will be eating good. Then you start to think of the variety of ways you’ll prepare some of the meat. You think jerky, steaks, backstraps, ribs and so on. You start imagining the rubs you’re going to use. From our selection, Top Gun and Grunt Rub work really well on all wild game. Our Backdraft rub is mind blowingly good on venison and jerky. As you start to break down your game, you know the next step is getting the meat prepped. The smell of the seasonings starts working into the meat. You start to smile as you know it’s gonna be some good eating.

We also know not everyone is a hunter, but just loves camo gear. This hat will get you in the mood for some incredible outdoor cooking fun, while also looking great.

As you go through the process of starting your grill or smoker you know your family and/or friends are getting excited. The aroma of grilled or smoked meat starts wafting into the air. You most likely have a cold one in your hand or a glass of wine. You happen to look up from the grill and catch your reflection in the window. What’s that on your head?  The Code 3 camo hat. You smile as you know it’s about to be an extra good day.

We love our customers and still can’t believe the amount of merchandise we move each year. While you’re grilling or smoking, make sure to snap some great shots of your plate. Head over to Instagram and mention Code 3 spices. We love sharing our customer’s prepared meals.

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