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One Winning Family

Our street teams include some of the top competition teams in America. More importantly, we all love cooking for others and having a great time doing it.

Why be associated with our street teams?

We're all highly competitive and love to win, but we also love sharing and learning. Our teams collaborate on more than just BBQ competitions. They cook at community events. They do grocery store trainings and so much more. Our street teams love people and anyone that enjoys the bond that occurs when you cook outdoors for others.
Code 3 Spices


Our teams have won many awards for many years using some of the best spices and sauces in the industry. Competition cooking is a science and you never know what the results are going to be. Our teams are seasoned vets that know what they’re doing.


Because our street teams are not just dedicated to competitions, we get together and educate each other as we also put on classes and cook at local events.

Community Service

Our street members have a natural want to do things within their local communities. We work with businesses and non-profits that also love the communities they’re in so our teams also get to network while serving.

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