We know the old adage, that everything is better with bacon.  In this case, it is does make it better, but you can’t help but love the cheese and peppers.

I promised Mrs. CBQue that she would get a mention for putting these together.  She put the recipe together and took the pictures, I just grilled them.

Stuff chicken breasts only contain a tasty goat cheese and sliced red peppers.  You can choose any type of flavored goat cheese, but we used Montechevre Goat Cheese Brand.  They have an array of flavors that you can pair with chicken, but we have used both SunDried Tomato and Garlic and Chives.

For the red pepper, simply cut of the top and slice it in half.  You will want to clean out the seeds and then slice into even slices.

Butterfly the chicken breast, then add a good layer of cheese and 2-3 slices of red pepper.   Wrap the entire chicken breast in bacon and add toothpicks or skewers to hold into place.  Each one will take about 3 pieces of bacon to wrap.







For this one, I moved the charcoal fire near the bottom and cooked these at about 275-300 degrees over a direct fire.








It should take about 45 minutes for them to be finished. These are absolutely delicious and simple to make.

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